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skywalker og, dankwoods online is an indica-dominant beauty that weighs in at 85/15. Also known as Skywalker OG Kush, this strain boasts a powerful THC count, with peak measurements in the 26% range. Even the lower side, which hovers around 20%, isn’t for beginners, as it offers an intense high that comes on quickly. Spicy herbal and diesel notes best describe Skywalker OG, as it’s a pungent strain that tastes almost exactly as it smells. Like its namesake, it will bring strong kush attributes and leave you feeling like you’re in the clouds for hours.


firstly, Skywalker is an indica-dominant kush that originates from Skywalker and OG Kush.


These buds have medium-sized dense round olive green nugs with burnt orange twisty hairs and rich orange undertones. These nugs appear dusted with a fine layer of milky white trichomes and sweet sticky resin. Skywalker OG Dankwoods is made from an all-natural Meduro backwood leaf wrapped around 2 grams of all organic fire bud. with a quarter gram of concentrate made from nugs, rolled in kief with a custom made reusable quartz filter.

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Because of its strong physical high, Skywalker OG Dankwoods is perfect for those who suffer from chronic pain. Whether it’s due to an injury or disease, your body will savor temporary relief with this strain. Since you’ll have a hard time analyzing much, it’s perfect for those who suffer from extreme stress, anxiety, and depression. Think about this strain as a vacation from your worries and the key to getting a good night’s sleep. Individuals who struggle with poor appetite can also find much-needed help from Skywalker OG

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Dankwoods creates a quicken process of smoking backwoods for even the most experienced roller. So throw your Swishers in the trash., Our product is from an all natural Meduro backwood leaf wrap around 2 grams of all organic fire bud, with a quarter gram of concentrate made from nugs, rolled in kief with a custom made reusable quartz filter. Everything grows in Los Angeles using only the finest materials.Order Skywalker OG Dankwoods Online, Cheap Dankwoods on Sale

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Gracious yes in fact!! Such huge numbers of delectable strains are difficult to stay aware of. On the off chance that it’s simply swag that is being consume, I keep an eye on simply pass since it’s simply not the equivalent, be that as it may, some great greetings grade wet is so much better tasting and the buzz is too cool and totally extraordinary in the event that it’s a sativa or indica.

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